Final Music Video

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In my final music video I did more colour correction as well as some brightness and contrast in some shots. I also made sure that the lyrics were as in time with the vocals as I could.


Second draft

From the first draft i played around with the editing to add colour correction and a VHS effect onto some scene to add a nostalgic and retro value.

Evaluation Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

The first section of the A2 course consisted of us researching music videos of our chosen genre to give us a idea of what conventions are contained within the genre and also so we could visualise ideas of the actors, location and props used in our video. I used Youtube to search for videos as the selection would be wider and more extensive than any other platform. I then took screenshots on my laptop of shots in the videos that I found interesting or inspiring and wrote captions underneath them when I put them in my blog. This allowed anyone viewing my blog to see my inspiration for my video and the way in which I did it as the photos and the caption that I put with it were all in one place.

During this course I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop; in this program I began to use images that I’d taken during my filming to create practise digipacks. Initially I found this program challenging to use as many of the processes were very different to anything I had previously encountered in other Adobe programs. I was given an album template and this helped me alter the photos and add text in Photoshop to make the finished product look professional. I followed a tutorial on Youtube to create a VHS effect for the final edit of my music video in Premiere Pro. I found this particularly challenging but thought looked very good and was definitely worth the time spent learning the process. I feel comfortable using the Adobe programmes now. I used Premiere Pro and photoshop multiple times over both years of the course and these two pieces of software in particular aided me no end. To match specific footage to specific lyrics in the music I used Premiere’s non chronological editing function, where the clips can be moved around on the timeline. This also meant that I could map out my whole video and leave spaces for the clips I hadn’t filmed yet which was extremely useful. I utilised the video effect settings on Premiere to improve the visual appeal of my clips and then coupled the Magic Bullet ‘Mojo’ to make he shots stand out even more as it upped the contrast and saturation and all round made the final product look more like a professional music video.

In terms of filming equipment, I used a combination of a Nikon 5200D an iPhone 5SE and a iPhone Gimbal to steady it. Using a variety of different cameras to film meant I was able to setup my DSLR to film whilst also filming on my phone. I used the Nikon 5200D mainly for my establishing and long shots and my iPhone for close up performance shots. This was because it was small, high quality and when coupled with the gamble made an extraordinarily smooth shot and it allowed me to do tracking shots and panning shots as well as slow motion filming. Both of the cameras I used provided great quality footage which I think is important in music video as it captivates the audience into the storyline of the video and is much more appealing to he eye than grainy shots

When posting my videos I used Vimeo every time as it is a website the allows me to upload in high quality, quickly and easily whilst also allowing me to embed the video ono my blog. I used Wix to create my website – this was extremely easy to use as it created the website template for me and allowed my own images to be uploaded. To conclude, I think that my usage of vast amounts of media technologies throughout my A2 course have helped me in the construction, planning and evaluation stages of my final media product.

Evaluation Question 3

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Throughout my A2 course, feedback from teachers members of audiences have been crucial in the development of my overall media product; especially from the slight suggestions given in he early parts of the course.  I have found it very easy to get this feedback due to the access to quick communication via social media such as remind. Also using video sharing websites like vimeo I have been able to put my video out to be assed by my peers in a way that is easy for them to view. I could have posted my videos on Youtube which has a comments section and asked my peers and teacher to comment on there. This would have given me my feedback in all one location and therefore would have allowed me to easily to pick out constructive criticism and other such feedback. I could have potentially posted links to my vimeo on my social media to get a wider variety of feedback. Using WordPress for my blog meant that people giving feedback could scroll down chronologically and see improvements from my first post to my last and i would also allow them to see my most relevant and up to date work first. 

My target audience interview was probably the most useful of all in terms of gathering information. It offers a opportunity for me conduct an interview from people in my peer group, I gave them sheets with pictures for locations, actors, props, costumes and narrative ideas. The open interview format allowed there answers to be creative and away from the stereotypical suggestions.

Important feedback I received was on my initial drafts of my website and digipack design. To begin with I designed both of of these using bright colours and images with stark text as I thought this would grab the attention of consumers. However after showing this design to my teacher and peers I was advised to go back and do it again. I did a bi more research and hen settled on my finished products which I believe to convey certain convention of he genre and was also of a high enough quality. I began by alter images firstly on Photoshop by changing the opacity and colourations to make my artists body pop out as in Childish Gambinos V.3005 . My end digipack looked very different to my first draft and fitted in much better with acoustic conventions. My website was also subtly changed, with alteration to the colour palette as such due to feedback from my audience which impacted my ancillary tasks very effectively. If I were to redo my interview I would conduct more interview for an older demographic and also ask more open ended question to allow for a wider variety of answers. This would have given me a more variation as my survey was taken from people entirely in my own demographic. As I progressed in the process to my final product the comments became less constructive and more generally positive, his highlighted how the feedback I go was useful and effective in allowing me to change my work to suit a wider variety of people and make it more appealing.

Evaluation Question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I think that the combination of my product, being my music video and my previous ancillary texts, being my website and digipack that I had done were effective as they are recognisable as being part of the branding of my artist as there are clear links between the video, digipack and website. Here links come down to the appearance of sweets as well as a recurring palate of colours and the portrait of the artist.

The photos I used in my website and my digipacks were all taken during my filming, however the variety of locations in my music video is larger. I thought including too many of these locations in my ancillary texts would negate from my music video as anyone following my artists pages would have the music video somewhat spoiled before they watched it.

I maintained a light and airy colour palette throughout my website and digipack which included many pastel colours. I did his because I feel as though I fitted with the conventions I had seen in websites of artists such as Jorja Smith or the digipacks of artist such as H.E.R. the colour scheme flows through my ancillary texts and my final video and therefore the combination of both makes my artists brand noticeable to the audience instantly.

The creation of my merchandise for my artist follows suit as it has the “On My Mind Tour” printed on he back and therefore is recognisable as the artist has the name of her album on it, moreover it follows the same colour palette as my ancillary task with products coming in white, pink, blue and yellow where possible.

Featuring my artist’s video and song on her website allows her to establish more of an online presence and gain more online followers as an the ancillary task allows the website, to combine with my digipack and my music video to create a piece of media work that allows an audience to appreciate my artist as a whole and get a feel for the vibe that she represents. In websites from artist in my genre, there page seems to revolve around minimalism, with one large picture or video such as in Rejjie Snow or Jorja Smith and thats something that I tried to replicate, the fonts they use basic and understated just as in my website and they convey the essence of my genre of music well.

My ancillary product complemented my final music video well. In my opinion it was important that my ancillary texts served as a basis from which my music video should be seen to develop. However I did use images that related between each one though I did this to allow a association between each task for the sake of marketing and branding. For the sake of balance, I used similar images across my ancillary texts but allowed a development top occur in my final product, such developments came in the form of different locations and costumes.

Evaluation Question 1

In wha ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions or real media products?

When making my media product I had initially decided on a rap/pop genre and therefore I did research on how to establish my artist as such. I researched websites of artists such as Rejjie Snow, Drake, Chance the Rapper and Post Malone. All of which are prominent in the genre of my choice and it became clear to see that their websites were all from the same genre through the minimalism of their pages. The layout of the websites were all very plain for ease of navigation and contained direct links to their social media pages as well as their merchandise. I made my websites bright and colourful as I found it similar to artists such as Jhene Aiko who is in the same genre as the song from my music video which opposes a darker and more serious vibe given from a darker palette of colours. I used the cover art or my digipack on my website as this is something I found most established artists do as it promotes the album and also included images of the singer who would establishes the face of the brand as is a popular choice for vocalists. This meant that through my research I was able to harness and use conventions or real media products.

The digipak I made complied with many conventions that I had found as it included bright colours, the singer and the name with minimalist pictures or background behind the portrait. This can be seen in V.3005 by Childish Gambino or Kali Uchis’ Isolation album cover. To include all these aspects together I wanted a title that stood out as well as the face of the singer, to do so I drafted a few different album covers where I eventually settled with my final one that I made my cropping the picture of my actress and adding the layer of her over the top of the text and making the initial picture black and white giving the impression that the background was black and white and the actress’ body was in colour. The font was clean and stood out but also matched the colours in her costume which I believed was important as it was not something I had noticed in a any research so made it a development to the conventions. My digipack also included a copyright statement and a barcode which one would see on all album covers across genres. Therefore in my digipack there were aspects that mimicked and aspects that were new in the genre that I had chosen

I used a female in my music video which followed the convention that one might expect from a female vocalist’s music video. It was a young actress and this suited the conventions of the genre as the song is seemingly about a breakup and the idea of this young and passionate love and the thereafter lack of it is something I tried to portray and I believe a younger singer is more stereotypical for this role. The choice of costumes were purely to make the actress look good however as we move away from the innocence of a garden and a swimming pool and move to an abandoned building, carpark and a skate park we see a change in the costume from a short dress and feminine clothes to more manly trouser and a plain long sleeve t-shirt which implies a transition from a slightly more naive girl to a more grown up adult who doesn’t represent the classical female in a relationship. This is also presented by the props as we move away from a big lollipop and dated polaroids display past relationships to a rose which she tears up, a skateboard which is stereotypically a symbol of a tommy-boy nature in females and a broken picture frame which highlights jagged and broken memories. Although none of this came up in my research I believe some of it to be conventional of breakup song whilst other aspects may develop the genre for example the use a rose rose and swimming pool may be stereotypical but a broken picture frame in an abandoned building is not something I believe to have been used before. Therefore meaning that I had developed and copied convention in the video aspect of my coursework.

Overall, I would suggest that my media product mainly used conventions of the genre with a few examples of development and nothing in the way of challenging the norm.